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Sila Studio opens the doors to Agostina Laurenzano to performr an in-person edition of your online workshop. The objective of the workshop is to learn how to practically create bioplastics from agar-agar as an alternative to plastics of fossil origin and to give color from plant pigments.


Agostina focuses her research on the behavior of natural plant polymers. Transparency and flexibility, in addition to properties such as thermo-reversibility and thermo-fusion, are qualities that captivate your curiosity about this natural and vegetal material.


In the workshop you will learn how to make a bioplastic recipe to, from practice, understand the primary function that each of the ingredients fulfills. The same recipe will be recreated in flat and 3D format to work with different shapes and volumes. Color will be integrated with natural vegetable dyes to provide alternatives to synthetic pigments and understand what care must be taken when implementing them in bioplastics.


From theory, we will approach chemistry to understand the behavior of the material given its molecular structure. Its source of origin, its geolocation and its production system are studied at an industrial level to learn its commercialization within the current market.


Practical content:

• Plant pigment

• Lacquer vegetable pigment  

• Bioplastic agar-agar 

• Bioplastic agar-agar for volume

Theoretical content:

• Definition of polymer

• Origin and location of plant polymers. vital function

• Agar-Agar extraction system

• Basic ingredients of a bioplastic, and their functions

• Definition of pigment

• Origin and location of plant pigments. vital function

• Visible spectrum

• Definition of lacquer pigment

• Definition of binder

Date: Saturday, March 2


Schedule: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Price: €120

The price includes ingredients and utensils. The only thing you have to bring are 2 pyrex trays approximately A4 in size.


Place: SILA Studio (Gràcia, Barcelona)


For more information: Write to

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