In this cookbook the preparation of some recipes for bioplastics will be carried out from the elaboration of ingredients such as polymers, pigments and natural textures. With the aim of demonstrating how easy and feasible it is to approach these materials, using ingredients and work tools that are very familiar to everyone. It is important to get in touch with the material and demystify all the prejudices that exist around them.

Pretend to disseminate this knowledge with the intention of helping in awareness and good consumption habits. Therefore, the opportunities that these materials provide to replace traditional plastic will be debated, in disciplines such as product design, arts and crafts, and then put it into practice.



(ONLY SHIPPING TO SPAIN, because it includes liquid - the page does not allow me to discriminate the area of ​​purchase, but please take it into account)

Cookbook Bioplastic


    -Methylcellulose 50 gr.

    -Glycerin 30 ml.

    -Alcohol vinegar 250 ml.

    -PH paper.

    -18 VIDEOS (Links are sent, once the kit is bought)






    Recipes and their application

    -Production of natural dyes.

    -Presentation of mineral dyes.

    -Craft production of starches from tubers.

    -Upcycling, craft production of starches from organic waste such as avocado pit and banana peel.

    -Proposals and creation of textures as tree leaf ribs.

    - Production of bioplastics from starches (incorporation of colorants and textures).

    - Production of bioplastics from others ingredients (Methylcellulose, Locust Bean Gum, Agar-Agar), in order to compare the performance between materials made by us and those purchased (incorporation of colorants and textures).


    Presentation of possible constructive systems 

    -3D bodies