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What is BIO?

It is organic because its origin isBIOlogical, because the source of resources and their place of return is theBIOsphere, where matter is born and then degrades by the action of microBIOs.

Greek etymology assigns the term bio (bios) the meaning of “life.” 

So, when talking about BIO materials, to confirm its condition, just ask yourself if it can be born and die just like you.


Plasticity is a condition that involves behaviors such as flexibility, elongation, malleability, ductility.

So when talking about plastic materials, this category is being implemented taking these behaviors into account.

So…. Is a material, under these conditions, sustainable?
(Graphic summarizing report by Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtlandde, written by the UN in 1987)
Agostina Laurenzano-Sustainable development graph.png
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