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Online Workshops

The online workshops include a PDF file to download and the recorded class, all 2024 edition.

The duration of each class is 3 hours.

You will discover an introspective gaze, a scientific eye capable of understanding many plant substances and applying them in the world of art, crafts and design.


"The color wheel of vegetation"

The book includes a 160-page PDF file and several recordings totaling 6.54 hours.

This book will teach you a palette of primary and secondary colors of vegetation.

It was a very exhaustive job of researching each plant source used, to learn from them.

You will understand where plant pigments are located, why, and why. You will also know how to remove them and use them carefully.

The book includes the recipe for the colors in 4 different binders, also vegetable, so you will learn how to make a version of bioplastics, waxes, watercolors and varnishes.

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If you think I am the right person to help you, please contact me at

+34 653047926

Tell me your questions and I will answer you honestly if I can help you and start a Consulting plan.

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